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The Hague is a beautiful city in which to organize your conference or event. A city with international appeal, that is noticeable all around! As the residence of the royal family, the home of the Dutch parliament and with its lively international business community, it exudes grandeur and prestige. The combination of modern and classic architecture ensures a surprising and multifaceted urban landscape. And with The Hague’s seaside location it provides everything you need to relax after a strenuous day!

Residence of the royal family

115 foreign embassies

Second UN city after New York

11 kilometers of coast

100 multinationals

30 minutes from international airports

Why is this interesting for conferences and events?

The city plays a central role when organising an (international) conferences or event. We understand this better than anyone. If you opt for The Hague, then you choose an original decor that will undoubtedly make an impression on your guests. On the one hand by the prestige and appeal that it radiates, as the residence of the royal family and the political epicentre of the Netherlands. On the other by the 180 nationalities that give the dynamic city a lively and open atmosphere.

Relax after a strenuous day!

There is much to see in and around The Hague. Go to the famous Binnenhof, navigate through The Hague canals, visit the theatre or one of the many museums or discover the hidden courtyards in the town centre. The vibrant nightlife of the nearby promenade in Scheveningen also offers a wide range of entertainment. For example, there are excellent restaurants, bars, terraces and covered shopping areas. Supplemented with festivals, cultural events, markets and concerts. There is always something to do! Or would you prefer more peace and quiet after a day full of impressions? Take a breath of fresh sea air on the beach or stroll along the recently renovated Scheveningen Pier.

The Hague rich knowledge infrastructure

The Hague Conference Centre works in close cooperation with The Hague Convention Bureau. Together, we provide exactly the support you need, so that you can make full use of everything that our city has to offer. The rich knowledge infrastructure of The Hague is something which we would really like to tell you about. The Hague is renowned for its world-class expertise in the following six clusters.



Peace & Justice






IT & Telecom



Energy & Sustainability



Legal & Finance



Oil & Gas

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The Hague International city of Peace & Justice